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Emily Lewis

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I’m a web geek. I love building websites. And I love working with organizations that make the world a better place, whether by educating kids, providing programs for families and communities, or supporting diversity in the workforce and supply chain.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for nonprofits, government agencies, family-owned businesses and even Fortune 500 corporations. I am an expert in front-end development, responsive design and content management systems. But my technical resume is just part of the equation.

Running Bright Umbrella has taught me that my technical skills aren’t what make me (or this company) unique. It is that we understand authentic communication and value custom, strategic solutions.

I also believe strongly in education and sharing what I’ve learned. I co-host CTRL+CLICK CAST, am the author of Microformats Made Simple, a contributing author for HTML5 Cookbook and served as Managing Editor for Web Standards Sherpa.

My passion for communication, education and, of course, technology builds with every client interaction and piece of code I write. As part of both the web and small business communities, it’s important to me that I demonstrate these passions through the quality of my work and the trusted, lasting relationships I form with my clients and peers

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