3 Signs It’s Time to Migrate to a New CMS

Emily Lewis

Does your staff complain that it’s hard to update content on your website? Are you having trouble meeting marketing goals because you can’t launch critical campaigns from your site? Does staff waste valuable time entering the same data in multiple systems because your website doesn’t “talk” to your CRM?

All of these are signs that your content management system — what you use to add or change content on your site — needs attention. Sometimes it’s a simple CMS update to ensure the software is secure and stable. Sometimes it’s an upgrade to the next version to enjoy new features.

But sometimes it’s a sign that you need to move to a new CMS entirely.

We work with a lot of organizations that already have a website and CMS. They come to us because their business is growing, but their site and/or CMS just isn’t keeping pace. So we assess their site, their current CMS and staff pain points — all with a focus on their business goals.

After several of these CMS audits, we’ve found commonalities among our clients who ended up migrating to a new CMS.

When Is It Time to Move Content Management Systems?

1. Frankensoftware

These are CMSs that are old, haven’t been updated in years, and have dozens of disparate add-ons and custom dev that have been bolted on to “just keep the system going.”

For these clients, a “simple” CMS update is nearly impossible due to the age of the original software. It is typically a very time- and cost-intensive process just to get the CMS (with all existing functionality) into the latest version of the software.

Our clients find these resources are better spent investing in a more modern CMS that already has all of the features they need — no add-ons or customization needed.

2. Won’t do what you want it to do

These are content management systems that staff hate, because the CMS makes their jobs harder — or worse, doesn’t even let them do their jobs effectively.

For these clients, they have aggressive marketing campaigns that need flexibility. Sometimes they need to quickly re-order page content or set up seasonal promotions, other times they need to restrict content to specific staff. But their CMS just doesn’t let them do it — no matter how up-to-date the software is. Or it’s cost-prohibitive to add those features.

When our clients crunch the numbers, they realize the costs of staff time wasted, lost conversions and missed opportunities far outweigh the investment of moving to a new CMS.

3. You’re stuck

These are CMSs that are no longer supported. Maybe the development company doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe they just aren’t updating the software any longer.

For these clients, they have no choice but to move to another platform — their CMS is a brick. It can’t be updated to address current security vulnerabilities. It can’t be upgraded to new cutting-edge features.

Our clients understand these outdated systems will drag their businesses down. They understand the importance of migrating to a system that will not only meet their needs today and tomorrow, but they can trust to still be around and supported years from now.

Do these signs sound like your CMS and site? Your frustrated staff? Don’t let software hold your business back! Your website can be the powerful digital marketing tool you need it to be — if you’ve got the right CMS supporting it!

Not happy with your CMS, but not sure what’s next? Schedule a call to learn how our CMS audit can help!

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