Are Your Landing Pages Easy to Change?

Emily Lewis

Landing pages are a keystone of successful digital marketing. And there are dozens of “rules” for how to craft a message, design for impact and focus on calls-to-action. But no matter how perfect your landing page is, if it is difficult for you or your staff to customize, it isn’t effective. If you can’t quickly create a landing page to respond to changing market needs, it’s costing you time and money.

Today’s modern content management systems — what you use to update your website content — are built for just this type of flexibility and marketing-focused content management.

Support Your Agile Marketing Team

A critical aspect of agile marketing is rapid iteration. We see this with our client Galileo Camps, who relies on landing pages for email and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. During their peak enrollment season, Galileo sends as many as 7 emails a week to over 100,000 parents and educators. Committed to an agile process, Galileo tweaks their campaigns throughout the week. They need to quickly and easily change their landing pages in kind.

With their ExpressionEngine (EE) CMS, Galileo can create a new landing page — choosing from different design options — in a matter of minutes!

Screenshot of how Galileo Camps staff can select from different templates for their landing pages
Galileo staff can choose from different design templates when creating a new landing page

Just as easily, staff can edit landing page content based on ongoing changes to the campaign. Staff can quickly link to other pages and even pull in cross-promotional content from elsewhere on the site.

Screenshot of how Galileo staff can link to other pages on the site rather than manually entering the URL
Staff can link to other pages on the site from an easy-to-use menu, avoiding typos when manually entering URLs

Master Landing Page Transforms Into Multiple Local Pages

Galileo also relies on landing pages for their search engine marketing (SEM), which is highly geographically targeted. They run hundreds of PPC campaigns in a given week during enrollment season, each of which features custom, local content. And they do it all with one master landing page!

Rather than rely on their EE CMS to create these hundreds of localized landing pages — which is time and resource prohibitive for their PPC budget — they use a single landing page that can be customized via the URL. With a few query string parameters added to the URLs assigned to PPC campaigns, their SEM expert can change the landing page heading, subheading and promotional video — all without having to create a new landing page each and every time.

Two screenshots comparing Galileo's master landing page for pay-per-click campaigns and a customized version
Single master landing page can be customized for hundreds of PPC campaigns

Customize Data Collection

Our client Gina DeLapa, America’s Ultimate Reminders™ Coach, knows landing pages are working because they convert. For all of her landing pages, she collects some type of data. It can be as simple as an email address for newsletter subscription, or complete contact information for a potential sponsor. And with each landing page she creates, she has complete control over the form fields she includes.

Three screenshots showing examples of different landing pages forms on Ultimate Reminders
Gina can collect the information she needs for each individual landing page

With her Craft CMS, Gina can select what data needs to be collected for a given landing page and how. She can offer a single name field, or two separate fields for first and last name. She can include a “yes/no” option for adding users to the newsletter, or she can add a menu for users to indicate their preferred contact method. She can even customize where the data goes after a user completes the form and track it back to the originating page, allowing her to see right away which of her campaigns is most effective.

Three screenshots. The first is an example of a form on a landing page. The other two show how Gina can customize forms in her Craft CMS
Gina has 100% control of her data collection forms

Reorder Content Based on Campaign

Landing pages are a key ingredient in the success of our own sales process. They are unconventional — with long-form content and more than one CTA — but that’s what works for our business. On long-form content, we use calls-to-action and cross-promotional highlights to “break up” the core content for easier readability.

Collage of screenshots showing Bright Umbrella's Craft options for adding CTAs and highlights to our landing pages
We can add a call-to-action or a highlight or neither. Our landing pages can change depending on what we need for different campaigns.

The beauty of this strategy is that we have complete control over these elements for each landing page. In our Craft CMS, we can customize the highlights, pick-and-choose whether to even include a CTA, and drag-and-drop everything on the page to reflect whatever order makes the most sense.

Animated GIF showing how Craft lets us re-order content on our landing page
We can re-order content on our pages, giving us flexibility to prioritize information and CTAs based on our marketing goals for each landing page

The end result is a consistent, well-branded design for all of our landing pages with flexible content within each landing page, so we can customize based on our changing marketing needs.

Want your landing pages to be this easy and flexible? Contact us, and we’ll set you up for marketing success!

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