Beyond WordPress: Choosing the Right CMS

Emily Lewis

Did you know that WordPress drives over 50% of the websites across the entire Internet!? And yet WordPress isn’t the right fit for all of those sites — leading to wasted time, money and opportunities.

That’s why we talked about other CMS options in our Beyond WordPress presentation at HOW Design Live earlier this month!

We spoke with designers, creative directors, project managers and business owners — all who had their own frustrations with WordPress (or other CMSs like Drupal and Squarespace). And all who had no idea about the rich content management options available today.

Practical Takeaways

During our presentation, we gave attendees a 4-step process to help them choose the right CMS:

  1. Learn what’s possible for managing content, as well as software options available (AKA, look beyond WordPress)
  2. Become informed about the strengths and weaknesses of different software options
  3. Identify your business needs and priorities
  4. Evaluate software options in context of those needs and priorities with a simple (or complex!) matrix

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