Break Out of Your Design Comfort Zone

Emily Lewis

As important as web design fundamentals are, pushing your creative and technical boundaries is essential to creating designs that stand out, solve problems and get results.

Our latest selection of CTRL+CLICK CAST episodes feature discussions with design and UX experts about advanced design concepts and techniques. For pros and newbies alike, these episodes will educate and inspire!

Emotional intelligence, ethics, dynamic deliverables, animations and o’ so much more! These trends are driving a more user-focused, ethical and results-oriented web. Tune in to learn the techniques, workflows and mindsets that can push your own web design forward.

  • Ethics & Technology
    How you design can affect society! Kristin Valentine joins the show to help us navigate the complicated topic of ethics in technology. We define ethics and suggest ways it can be incorporated in web work, so that designers can start considering the consequences (positive and negative) of their creations.
  • Emotional Intelligence in Design
    Facebook’s Beth Dean shares her lessons learned trying to anticipate and avoid the friction that can occur when the design process doesn’t consider the human factor. She offers tips for how to be more emotionally intelligent in both design and development, including embracing diversity in the workplace, identifying stress scenarios early in the process, and emphasizing the user throughout.
  • Fearless Feedback
    How you provide feedback can make or break the success of a web design project! The New York Times’ Amélie Lamont stops by the show to give actionable advice on how give and receive fearless feedback. We share communication tips, plus anecdotes of best practices and pitfalls, that will help foster productive, respectful feedback in your design process.
  • Content First Design
    Content strategist and expert Steph Hay talks about the benefits of using a content-first approach to design, with an emphasis on discovering the common language between customers and businesses. We discuss how content-first design can help improve efficiency and the quality of work.
  • Design Deliverables
    Samantha Warren, creator of Style Tiles, explains what design deliverables she prepares to help communicate design direction, not just to clients but to internal teams. We discuss static vs. dynamic deliverables and the evolution of design workflows.
  • CSS Animations
    Val Head stops by the show to talk about CSS animations, from basic definitions to considerations for projects. We discuss how web animations are best used to support communication and goals, creating smoother and more elegant online interactions.
  • Developing a Signature Design Style
    There is a crisis of sameness in web design today. Our own Lea Alcantara explains the benefits of a signature design style as a way to break through these barriers. We discuss pros and cons, how it affects clients, and how to balance business goals with your own unique way of applying design solutions.

If you design for the web, these episodes should be on your “must listen” list! And if you don’t have time to tune in to a full show, we’ve got transcripts — right on the page or as a downloadable PDF — and detailed show notes for every episode!

Are there other web design topics you want to know more about? Tell us!

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