Care About Conversions? Secure Your Website!

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Is your website secure? If not, you may soon lose site visitors and conversions!

Starting January 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will warn visitors that your site is not secure if it doesn’t run on HTTPS — that’s the security protocol that protects information shared on websites. If users see that your site is not safe to use, they are unlikely to stay on your site, much less submit personal information for purchases or marketing campaigns.

So if your site doesn’t start with https://, it’s time to start making your site more secure.

In a year of sensational hacking stories, both fictional and real, it’s no wonder website security is top of mind. And Google isn’t the only one taking it seriously. Some of the web’s top websites agree; as many as 30% of sites are now using HTTPS.

Chrome warning for sites not on HTTPS
Don’t wait for this to happen! Chrome’s security warning that users will see whenever they visit a site without HTTPS. Source.

5 Reasons to Secure Your Website

The good news (other than better security) is that moving to HTTPS doesn’t have to be complicated. It is simply an extra layer of encryption — which basically scrambles and unscrambles your website content. And by investing in HTTPS, you also get the broader benefits of security:

1. Ensure Your Customers' Privacy

Investing in site security is the proactive and responsible solution to make sure your site visitors and their information are protected. For example, if a customer enters their email address into a form on your site to subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product, HTTPS protects that information.

2. Protect Your Business from Hackers

HTTPS also protects your business from cyberattacks. The Department of Homeland Security states, “by making sure a website encrypts your information and has a valid certificate, you can help protect yourself against attackers who create malicious sites to gather your information.”

3. Build Trust & Improve Your Brand Reputation

While security and privacy are paramount, your reputation is also at stake. Using HTTPS and showcasing a trust badge can evoke a sense of trust and security for your visitors.

4. Accelerate Your SEO Efforts

Beyond the peace of mind, trust you build and liability protection of a secure website, an encrypted site will have a higher SEO rank. If you’re spending hard-earned marketing dollars on SEO, ignoring security can set your campaign back.

5. Increase Your Site Speed

Speed matters for your website. HTTPS serves your site much faster than the default protocol. In fact, it can be as much as 91% faster than HTTP! When every second counts to convert, HTTPS just makes sense.

HTTPS Is a Matter of When, Not If

Moving to HTTPS is a smart investment, but how you get there depends on your goals, budget and audience, not to mention your website and the software behind it.

Trust a reliable, knowledgeable web vendor like Bright Umbrella to guide you through a process of securing your site that is specific to your business and your site.

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