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Emily Lewis

Happy clients is one of our goals at Bright Umbrella. A big part of this is communication: making sure our clients understand what we do and why we do it — from their perspective. When we talk to a client about her website, we focus less on the tech specifics and more on how a solution will help her business.

While our podcast CTRL+CLICK skews to our designer and developer peers, many episodes are chock full of great information for clients like you!

Want a better understanding of your website? The agencies and vendors you work with? The web project process in general? Tune in to these these episodes from our archive for web technology discussions from a client-focused, business-first perspective.

  • Demystifying Web Design for Clients
    Fresh out of the studio — the first in our new series on how to talk to clients about the web — Lea and I share analogies and scenarios that more clearly explain the value of web design from a client perspective. Through non-technical explanations (complete with examples) we bridge the gap between what we do as web designers, and how it relates to client values and goals.
  • Discovery Only
    J Cornelius, of Nine Labs, explains how being more focused and intentional with a small discovery project benefits clients. We discuss the various ways discovery projects can be executed, what they include, why they’re important, and how it sets the tone for the rest of the project.
  • Copywriting and the User Experience
    Professional copywriter Stephanie Morillo explains copywriting for the web. She details where copywriting fits into the project process, as well as the importance of collaboration with stakeholders. She details how critical it is for connecting with your audience and supporting your brand, and shares resources to help improve your copywriting and consistency.
  • Connecting to 3rd-party APIs
    Solspace founder and developer Mitchell Kimbrough details best practices for connecting websites to other services (AKA 3rd-party API integration). He explains what a good API looks like and emphasizes a discovery-first approach. He also shares scenarios on how to navigate the human element when juggling management of different APIs through various gatekeepers.
  • Overhauling Epicurious
    Eric Gillin shares the phased, practical approach his team followed when rehauling the Epicurious website. He explains how they prioritized business goals, got developer buy-in and launched new features on a site with exponential visitor growth.
  • Choosing a CMS
    Stephanie Sullivan Rewis shares her research and evaluation process while trying to find the “right” content management system (CMS) for her employer. She discusses what to consider, from business requirements to the needs of the development and creative teams.

If you make decisions about your website — whether you are a school or a nonprofit or a small business — these episodes should be on your “must listen” list! And if you don’t have time to listen to a full show, we’ve got transcripts — right on the page or downloadable in PDF format — and detailed show notes! Skim through to get all the info in less time.

Let us know what other web topics we can demystify and de-tech-ify!

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