Do Your Clients Understand Your Value?

Lea Alcantara

Has a client told you what software to use, even though it wasn’t the right fit for the project? How about a once-calm client who becomes anxious at the scope of a tech solution? It would be easy to think that “clients just don’t understand” and stop there. But if you want successful projects (and happy client relationships), you have to start changing the way you talk about the work you do for clients.

Easier said than done. Which is why I shared practical tips for better client communication at the recent EE Conf!

Practical Takeaways

The key to better client communication is to stop talking tech and start talking about your client’s business and goals. During my Talk Human to Me presentation, I shared examples of the strategies that have worked for us at Bright Umbrella:

  • Technical strengths are not necessarily business strengths. A client hires you to help with the latter.
  • Put yourself in a client’s shoes: when was the last time you made a big purchase without really understanding how it works — like a car?
  • Consider every tech talking point through the lens of branding, time savings, cost savings, removing administrative headaches and, of course, ROI.
  • Describe tech using metaphors and analogies that are relevant to your client’s business. If she builds houses, explain websites in that context!
  • Content management systems (CMSs) are not an IT decision

Communicate Your Value

If we want to be more than “vendors,” it is up to us to connect with our clients; to demonstrate that we are trusted partners who understand their business. Having conversations about tech that your clients can understand will lead to more successful projects and happier clients.

Want more examples of talking tech without alienating clients? Tune in to our podcast series about client-friendly conversations!

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