Don’t Turn Away Parents & Students! Secure Your Site

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Your school’s website is a major hub for students, parents, teachers and staff — it needs to be secure. This July, Google will flag all sites without HTTPS as not secure.

Don’t let this negatively affect perception of your school during recruitment! Tune in to CTRL+CLICK CAST to learn more about HTTPS technology, and get expert advice on making your school’s website more secure.

1. HTTPS for Site Security, Data Privacy & Trust

HTTPS is a technology that protects information shared on websites. In Securing Site Content, world-renowned web developer Rachel Andrew explains the what, why and how of secure websites. She covers the core server requirements like SSL certificates, as well as how HTTPS may soon be the default for all sites. We also discuss real-world client security needs, particularly in context with content management systems — AKA the software that runs your school website.

2. Maintenance to Protect Your Investment & Reputation

A secure site is properly maintained one. In Demystifying Web Maintenance, we explain the value and importance of website maintenance to protect your site and your school’s reputation. Using non-technical explanations (complete with real-world examples), we bridge the gap between the technical aspects of maintenance and how it supports your school, values and goals.

3. Audit Your Site & Organization’s Security Protocols

Do you know how to asess the security of your school’s digital footprint and website? In Security Audits & Integration, Vector Media Group Co-Founder Matt Weinberg outlines possible ways a site could be compromised, along with the solutions that can prevent those vulnerabilities in the first place. He explains what secure development practices look like, including workflows, and gives practical advice on how to communicate to non-technical team members about digital security.

4. Disaster Planning Using the Cloud

Snow day? Can’t access office systems or add a website alert that school’s closed because of a flood? Don’t wait for disaster to strike: plan for it. In Disaster Planning Using the Cloud, DuBose Web Development’s Andy McCormick explains how your staff can be up and running outside of school offices — with cloud services! He shares workflows, resources and tools to help you plan for and mitigate the unexpected.

Make sure your website is secure! Tune in to CTRL+CLICK and learn how a secure site benefits your school, as you get an introduction to the technology. And if you don’t have time to listen to a full show, we’ve got transcripts — right on the page or downloadable in PDF format — and detailed show notes! Skim through to get all the info in less time.

What else would you like to know about your school website? Send us your questions!

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