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Emily Lewis

It’s hard to believe a year has already passed since Lea Alcantara officially became a part of my company. In that time, we’ve worked on a satisfying variety of projects with some really fantastic clients, and we’ve grown as a team and a company. At the start of this year, we realized we’d reached a point where it was time to re-examine the company identity and brand. We even reached out to our clients, colleagues and friends to help us with the effort.

After an astounding amount of work, we are proud to reveal the results of all our research, planning, designing and developing: Goodbye Emily Lewis Design — Hello Bright Umbrella!

What This Means for Our Clients

Our clients have always meant the world to us: now they also know who we are and what we stand for more clearly. Our clarity of vision provides clarity for their vision, and supports their confidence in our brand.

Above all, our clients will continue to receive the same great service and support they’ve come to expect.

How Did We Get Here?

For our rebranding, we dug deep and put ourselves under the same microscope we do our clients. We took the time to define who we are, who are our ideal clients, what are our dream projects, and — most importantly — what success means to us. Defining our corporate tenets was more about our identity: it allows us to make better decisions about the people and organizations we work with. It also reinforced why Lea and I decided to work together in the first place.

While we have a new name and a clearer identity, we are still educators and community advocates and (surprise, surprise) we want to share our process … Starting with a look at our rebranding research and planning: Behind the Curtain.

Why Bright Umbrella

Our new name, Bright Umbrella, reflects what Lea and I have been building since she joined the company last year. We also want to share how our rebranding process led to our identity definition and, ultimately, our name: What’s in a Name?

What’s in Store

These articles are just a taste of what we will share on our blog,  The Brain Storm. We want Bright Umbrella to be a resource for useful industry information and for our clients to understand who we are and our processes more thoroughly.

Stay in Touch!

Our name change means a few changes to our social media touchpoints, where we share links, news and other tidbits:

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Thanks to everyone for their support! We see bright times ahead!

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