Get a Sneak Peek! Beyond WordPress for HOW Design Live

Lea Alcantara

Listen to our episode of the HOW Design Podcast for a preview of our upcoming Beyond WordPress presentation! We chat with Marketing Mentor Ilise Benun about content management, what CMSs even are and, of course, why we look beyond WordPress for our own clients’ content management needs.

It's Over, But We've Got You Covered!

Our Beyond WordPress presentation was a success! Get our slides for more information on choosing the CMS that is right for you.

Episode #62: Emily Lewis & Lea Alcantara on How to Choose the Right CMS

It’s no secret how passionate we are about content management systems. But we’re practical too. We want our clients get the best value from their website. That means we focus first on understanding their needs before we make decisions about software.

In this short 20-minute chat with HOW Programming Partner (and our Marketing Mentor) Ilise Benun, Emily and I share more about this process of choosing a CMS!

We define content management systems in general, then take a look back at the history of CMSs — and how WordPress became so popular. We dive into the limits of WordPress, especially in comparison to today’s rich CMS software options. And we discuss the process we go through with our clients when planning and choosing a CMS.

If you care about making your site (or your clients’ sites) more useful and easier to work with, this is a must-listen!

Want even more advice about choosing a CMS? Then join us at HOW Design Live in Chicago!

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