Hiring & Branding: Our Digital Biz Summit Decks

Emily Lewis

Lea and I are both educators. We love sharing what we know, because that’s how we learned way back in the early days of the Web. It’s why we host CTRL+CLICK, why we write, and why we present at events like the recent Digital Biz Summit.

Another great online (AKA I can wear slippers and never leave the comfort of my home office) conference from the fine folks at Environments for Humans, the Digital Biz Summit was a full-day event aimed at business owners like me … folks who run freelance, small and medium web shops.

Everything from cash flow to business maturity to teamwork was covered. I, personally, walked away with some practical ideas for Bright Umbrella, as well as a bit of inspiration for how I want to grow as a business owner.

Almost Like You Were There

For our parts, Lea and I presented on branding and hiring (respectively). Lea gave a high-level overview of Bright Umbrella’s rebranding process:

I shared everything I learned about hiring and human resources after bringing Lea on board last year:

If you weren’t able to join us at the Summit, these decks should give you a flavor of what you missed (so that you don’t miss out next year, hint hint). Enjoy!

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