Improve Your Client Conversations!

Lea Alcantara

Does your client understand the value of her website? Or why you chose a particular CMS to give her more flexibility with marketing campaigns? Or even the value you bring to her business?

The first step in a successful project is breaking down communications barriers. But how do you translate “tech talk” so clients understand?

Learn how to bring your client conversations down to earth! Attend EE Conf this October to get practical, real-world examples that help keep your project on-point and your business relationships solid!

It's Over, But We've Got You Covered!

Lea's Talk Human to Me presentation was a success! Get her slides for more tips on better client communication.

The Details

What You’ll Learn

How we talk to our industry peers shouldn’t be the way we talk to our clients. At best, clients will pretend to understand your tech talk and end up confused. At worst, all that acronym soup will alienate them and completely derail your project!

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to discuss technical, web and CMS concepts in a way that resonates with clients (technical and non!)
  • Real-world conversations that reveal what confuses clients
  • Practical strategies to help you avoid and clear up that confusion

You’ll also get a chance to apply what you learn right away! Have a client discussion or scenario you need help with? Share it during the session, and we’ll brainstorm how to bring it back to earth!

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