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Emily Lewis

Whether it’s your clients, your employees or your business partner, you need to collaborate. You need to communicate. But that’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to sensitive topics.

What can you do to ensure difficult conversations are productive and leave everyone not only in consensus, but feeling heard and appreciated? Attend Owner Summit this February, and learn ways to communicate and offer feedback, while bolstering respect, trust and camaraderie.

It's Over, But We've Got You Covered!

Our Partners Counseling presentation was a success! Get the slides for our communication and partnership-building strategies.

The Details

  • Who: Bright Umbrella
  • What: Partners Counseling — 5 Strategies for Harmonious Partnerships
  • Where: Owner Summit in Charleston, South Carolina
  • When: Monday, February 12 at 11am (Owner Summit runs Feb 11-13)
  • How: Registration is open now

What You’ll Learn

Difficult conversations are part of any good partnership. Sometimes you have to push back on a client who may be steering the project the wrong way. Sometimes you have to talk to your business partner about shifting responsibilities or the direction of the business.

How we handle these difficult conversations is also how we ensure harmonious partnerships.

In this session, Lea and I will share the strategies we’ve cultivated over 7 years of a successful partnership:

  • Advice for effective, productive communication
  • Tips for building trust
  • How to establish accountability to boost productivity and hit business goals
  • How to be flexible as business and personal goals shift
  • Suggestions for balancing humility and ego

There are less than 25 tickets left — register now!

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