Introducing Our Intern … Me!

Erin Lewis

Hi there! I'm Erin Lewis, and I've been an intern for Bright Umbrella for the past 10 months. You may (or may not) know me from such things as posting for Bright Umbrella and CTRL+CLICK CAST on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It's nice to finally meet you.

Now that we're friends, you can call me Ern.

Who Am I?

Ah, the existential question of our times, brought forth each time I have to fill out a new social media profile. I'll go with what I do.

I'm in my third year working as a private school librarian. I walk dogs on the side and have been known to moonlight as a cater waiter when called upon by my comrades from the service industry. I like to paint, play music and make cool things with my hands.

Why Intern?

All said, I've had my fair share of jobs, but I have never had what I consider to be a true career. I am a creative person by nature, although that part of my life has always resided somewhat outside the realm of paid work. I'm looking for a way to put it all together; make money being creative.

When Emily (full disclosure, she's my sister) proposed the idea of interning for Bright Umbrella, I jumped at the chance. I saw the internship as an opportunity to combine my interests and education with hands-on experience to develop a career that really matters to me.

Life Under the Bright Umbrella

Working for Emily and Lea has been a great experience. I've read horror stories about unhappy interns, relegated to grunt work with little hope for developing the real skills needed to transition into a new field.

No horror stories for me. While I do take on tasks that Emily and Lea don't have time for, they also make sure that my work has purpose and real meaning, for me as well as for the business.


Emily and Lea approached taking me on in a professional, organized way. They communicated to me right from the start the value in what I could offer the company and stressed the importance of also focusing on my own goals throughout the coming months.

This really set the stage for how we could expect to relate to one another. We each started with a realistic set of expectations and an agreement that, should anything change, we'd be ready to talk about it. As it stood, I could commit anywhere from 5-10 hours each week and was interested in learning everything, so we created this general timeline:

Short-term Tasks

  • Get to know Bright Umbrella and CTRL+CLICK CAST
  • Take over social media tasks
  • Lead generation

Mid-term Tasks

  • Proposal writing with Bidsketch

Long-term Tasks

  • Learn CMS dev
  • Learn version control workflow
  • Learn web design processes and deliverables
  • Learn front-end development

What's Next?

I'll be posting for Bright Umbrella throughout 2015 with updates as my internship evolves. I'll highlight tools and strategies that have been useful to me along the way like pointers on getting to know a new company and developing a workflow for writing and social media. Stay tuned for more IntErn (anybody catch that?) Diaries: Under the Bright Umbrella

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