Lessons from Building Bright Umbrella

Lea Alcantara

If you freelance or have your own shop, improving your skills should go beyond color and code — knowing how to run and market your business is just as important.

Listen to our episode of the Working Without Pants Podcast to learn the history of Bright Umbrella and what makes us tick! With host Jake Jorgovan, we share what we’ve learned about target marketing, talking to clients and pursuing sales opportunities.

Learn What's Worked for Us!

At HOW Design Live, we ran into fellow speaker and agency whisperer Jake Jorgovan — who, like many of us working remotely, works without pants.

In this 30-minute chat with Jake, we share Bright Umbrella’s origin story (sorry, no radioactive spider bites in this one). We also dive into what spurred us to be more intentional about the business side of running Bright Umbrella. From systematic marketing initiatives to finding client champions to identifying the right people in a project, we share what’s working for us.

If you don’t have a sustainable business, you can’t continue to design or code. Tune in for ideas to keep doing what you love and get paid for it!

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