Lessons from Building CTRL+CLICK CAST!

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Starting a podcast may be a trend, but CTRL+CLICK CAST has been podcasting for over 100 episodes! What does it take to sustain a successful podcast? Tune into our chat with Carl Smith on The Bureau Briefing!

We share what compelled us to start the podcast, how we keep it going, and how we use it to support Bright Umbrella.

Podcasting Is a Full-time Project

Design and development podcasts are popping up all over the web industry, as agencies and freelancers seek ways to promote their businesses and connect with clients. But what does it take to produce a regular show that actually supports a business?

In this 30-minute chat with Carl, we talk about why we started CTRL+CLICK: to provide a platform for educating and improving our industry. And we share how that mission has evolved to support Bright Umbrella.

We also discuss the challenges of and lessons learned from producing a high-quality show every other week for six years. Tune in to learn about the logistics of podcasting and ways it can supplement your web business.

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