New Directions

Emily Lewis

For nearly 10 years, Bright Umbrella helped dozens of organizations reach their business goals through signature web design and smart content management.

I started the business as Emily Lewis Design, grew from a one-person shop to two, formalized Bright Umbrella as a brand and eventually formed an official business partnership with Lea. We developed trusted relationships with our clients and forged valuable partnerships with our peers. We hired dozens of talented contractors along the way. And we even produced a podcast showcasing the diverse voices of our web industry.

But the time has come for a new direction. Bright Umbrella is going on hiatus, and Lea and I are parting ways as business and podcasting partners.

Lea is still supporting clients on a part-time basis through her freelance business, Lealea Design, as she explores opportunities to return to teaching. And while we won’t be producing new content for the show, Lea is resuming ownership of CTRL+CLICK CAST.

Meanwhile, I’m taking some time to invest in myself and professional development. I'm keeping ownership of Bright Umbrella as a New Mexico LLC, but am only supporting select part-time clients while I pursue certifications in project management and accessibility.

Access = Opportunity

I accepted a position with Knowbility, where I'll be making the web more accessible to all as an Accessibility Analyst & Universal Design Specialist. Bonus: I'll still be able to work on my certifications!

What Does This Mean for You?

Our active clients have been notified. We are connecting them with trusted vendors that will provide the same high standard of service they had come to expect from Bright Umbrella.

If you’re a client who hasn’t been in touch for a while, but need help with your site or CMS, contact us! We’ll connect you with a great fit from our trusted network.

If you’re one of our valued referral sources and looking for a new recommendation, we probably know a good one. Get in touch and we’ll introduce you.

And if you’re one of our loyal podcast listeners, we have one more episode to release (part 2 of our mobile site refresh). After that, CTRL+CLICK CAST won’t be producing new content. But you’ll always be able to listen to past episodes from our site, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Spotify.

A Successful Partnership

While this is bittersweet news to announce, we had eight fantastic years podcasting together and five years doing kick-ass client work. Lea and I are great podcasting partners, and I dare say even better design-development partners. But we aren’t well-suited as partners to run and grow a business. We even shared a lot of our struggles on the podcast, as we questioned if our plan to join forces was even sustainable in the first place.

I’m privileged to have worked with Lea, as well as with the contractors and digital agencies who helped us along the way. I’m honored to have had amazing clients who treated us well and respected our work. And I’m incredibly proud of what we created with CTRL+CLICK CAST, not to mention eternally grateful for our listeners, guests and sponsors.

But the signs are there. It’s time to say goodbye and put our dedication, energy and love of community to action in other areas. Thank you to everyone who was part of our journey!

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