No Time or Budget for a Mobile Website Redesign? Retrofit!

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Are you losing potential students because your website doesn’t work on their mobile devices? In a survey of private schools, Blackbaud discovered only 31% have responsive websites (RWD) — that’s “tech speak” for a mobile-friendly website that looks and works great on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops:

Just imagine a parent visiting the admission section of a non-RWD site via their phone? What kind of an impression does that leave?

Peter Baron, Blackbaud Product Marketing Manager

Not having a mobile-friendly site hurts admissions and recruitment. Now is the time to bring your site up-to-date with student and parent expectations. But what about budgets? Resources? Time!? Go for a mobile retrofit!

With a mobile retrofit, we take your existing website — the code, the graphics, the content … even your CMS! — and add mobile enhancements:

  • Your site resizes for phones, desktop computers and everything in between. No more zooming in to view your site on a phone!

  • The information most important to mobile users — perhaps your address and a map — is more prominent on tablets and phones.

  • Navigation is easy for students on phones, so they can find the information they need quickly.

  • Your text is legible on phones and tablets, and links are easy to click on touchscreens.
Collage of images that show Strathcona's main site on a MacBook, iPad and iPhone
Our client Strathcona High School saw a 26% increase in site visitors after their mobile retrofit!

Short on time and budget? Retrofit!

This focused retrofit approach is budget-friendly and faster than a mobile redesign, which can be like starting from scratch. Ask yourself if a mobile retrofit is the answer for your school:

  • Do you have a fast-approaching recruitment campaign? Because they are focused on enhancements, retrofits are faster to execute than redesigns — a good option when turnaround time is short.

  • Are you working with a limited budget? Because we use your existing website, we aren’t starting from scratch. It simply takes less time and effort to enhance than it does to build — which means you save money!
  • Do you need to attract more students? Simply enhancing your site for mobile appeals to tech-savvy students (and parents!) who are researching schools. Our high school client enjoyed a 26% increase in visitors after their retrofit launched.

  • Are you even ready for a complete redesign? A retrofit is a good "Phase 1" to kickstart a full-scale redesign. We worked with our client Galileo Camps to improve their mobile navigation now, while they are still planning their full mobile redesign.
  • Do you want to test your assumptions? A retrofit lets you test the waters of a mobile experience. You can track analytics and survey students after your retrofit to guide a future (well-informed) investment in a full redesign.

A retrofit can be a great short-term solution to ensure your site is mobile-friendly. But for long-term success, a full redesign makes more sense.

You may need a full-scale redesign if:

  • Students don't connect with your website, and your website doesn't connect with your brand.

  • Your website hasn't been touched in years, and you need a better foundation for technology that appeals to today's students.

  • You want to reach more prospective students by supporting all devices and browsers.

  • You want to attract students with rich content and interactive media, like mobile-friendly video.

  • Your site looks okay in mobile, but it's hard for students and faculty to actually work with on their tablets or phones

  • You have brand new content that just doesn’t fit your current design.

The bottom line: If you want to remain relevant in today’s tech-savvy student market, optimize your website for phones and tablets. Whichever path you choose  — retrofit or redesign  — an investment in mobile is an investment in your school’s success.

Ready to go mobile? We'll help you find the approach that works for you! Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation today!

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