Not Mobile-Friendly? You're Turning Away Students!

Lea Alcantara

In higher education, a mobile-friendly website is critical for recruitment, admissions and retention. High school students not only evaluate colleges from their phones, they also apply from their mobile devices!

We’re trying to get students to interact with us and invariably they use our website, [so] we want to make sure it looks good whichever way they link to us. Invariably that’s going to be from a mobile device.

Todd Olsen, West Virginia University

If your college website isn’t mobile-friendly — AKA it doesn’t look or work great on phones and tablets — you are missing a chance to connect with tech-savvy teens and young adults.

4 Reasons Mobile Matters for Your School

1. Give Students a Reason to Stay

61% of site visitors will leave your website if it has a poor mobile experience. During recruitment time, you want students to stick around!

2. Give Students a Reason to Apply

Students want to apply to your college from their mobile device. 85% of students submit applications via mobile, and 33.9% of of unique page views to admissions pages were from mobile devices.

3. Broaden Your Student Base

For some students, their mobile phone is their only access to the web.In fact, this Pew study found 19% of Americans depend on smartphones for online access. If there are 10,000 high school seniors interested in your school, ignoring mobile is saying it’s okay to ignore 1900 potential applicants.

4. Make It Easier for Students to Find You

Google will penalize your site if it isn’t mobile-friendly. And a Google penalty means that students will have a harder time finding your school when searching online. Don’t let a competing university out-market you because you neglected your mobile audience.

Your website is integral to enrollment and retention. Moving to mobile needs to be at the top of your priorities!

Ready to connect with today’s tech-savvy students? Let us make your website mobile-friendly! Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation today!

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