Performance: Security, Stability & Speed

Emily Lewis

Heard of “web performance,” but not sure what it is? Maybe you manage your nonprofit’s website, and you aren’t sure how it supports your mission? Perhaps you’re a web designer and don’t think it matters to what you do? Or maybe you’re a developer and overwhelmed by everything performance can entail?

CTRL+CLICK is here to help! Tune in to these episodes to learn what performance is and why it matters — both in terms of technical benchmarks and business goals.

Our guests share expert advice on keeping websites secure by implementing HTTPS and stable by keeping software up-to-date. You’ll also get practical tips and resources for diagnosing (and improving!) site speed — from a front-end and CMS perspective. And for the business perspective, every episode touches on real-world problems and solutions.

  • Securing Site Content
    World-renowned web developer Rachel Andrew explains the what, why and how of secure websites. She covers the core server requirements, as well as how HTTPS may soon be the default for all sites. We also discuss real-world client security needs, particularly in context with content management systems. Bonus: This episode includes an intro to HTTP/2 and how HTTPS goes hand-in hand with this new performance-focused protocol.
  • Security Audits & Integration in EE
    For any site or CMS project, security should be a priority. From our EE Podcast archive, Vector Media Group’s Matt Weinberg details security audits and integration for ExpressionEngine (EE) builds. He shares examples of the types of security audits Vector conducts for clients — including requirements for workflows and code deployments — along with tools his team uses to test their code against security breaches.
  • Performance Optimization: A Tale of Two EE Sites
    How does performance impact a real business? A real nonprofit? Your hosts Lea and Emily share real-world examples of how Bright Umbrella tackles site speed issues. From fixing emergencies to thoughtful rebuilds, we discuss the specific ways we manage client expectations, budgets and resources while isolating bottlenecks. We reveal practical solutions for slow EE sites, and discuss why it’s important to fix, test and review in the first place!
  • Diagnosing Performance with New Relic
    When a site slows down, do you know where to begin troubleshooting? Media Girl’s Anna Brown shares how she uses the New Relic tool to help narrow down issues quickly and decisively. We talk about how to identify site issues and to deal with them, whether involving the front-end or the CMS. We discuss client budgets and the practicalities of investing in performance diagnostics, as well as how data can help you make better optimization choices.
  • Caching
    If you’ve optimized your site to the gills and it’s still not fast enough, maybe it’s time to look at caching. In another gem from our EE Podcast archive, Creator of CE Cache Aaron Waldon details how caching leads to a blazing-fast site. He explains how caching works in ExpressionEngine, as well as 3rd-party caching pros and cons. He also shares server-side technologies that help with speed and caching, along with his own favorite tools and services.
  • Upgrading EE
    If your CMS isn’t up-to-date, your website isn’t as secure as it could be. But not all updates are “one-click,” so how do you manage the process? Shawn Maida, Partner at Foster Made, shares how his agency decides if/when an upgrade is necessary, as well as examples of the client communications needed to succeed. He details their specific EE upgrade workflow, lessons learned from upgrading inherited projects and even how they charge for upgrades.

Whether your business has a website or you create sites for those businesses, web performance should be a top priority — and these episodes should be on your “must listen” list! And if you don’t have time to tune in to a full show, we’ve got transcripts — right on the page or downloadable PDF — and detailed show notes for every episode!

Are there other web performance topics you want to know more about? Tell us!

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