Refresh Portland: Getting to Know Brand You

Lea Alcantara

Mark your calendars! I'm heading to Oregon to speak about self branding at Refresh Portland! Join me on Wednesday, October 16 for Getting to Know Brand You! Here are the details:

  • Where: ISITE Design (Map)
  • Date & Time: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 7pm

What to Expect

Is it business or is it personal? There’s been some contention about the idea of self branding. With a deluge of celebrities like Kim Kardashian blurring the lines between personal lives and commerce, the idea of a personal brand seems trite at best, delusional and misleading at worst. In my opinion, we’re at war with semantics.

In Getting to Know Brand You, I will break down what branding actually is and walk attendees through a branding exercise. You'll learn it’s really all about helping everyone — family and friends, colleagues, clients, employers, and peers — understand who you are.

Hope to see you there! Sign up here.

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