The Choices Behind Beautiful Design

Erin Lewis

Great design might appear beautiful and even effortless, but underneath the elegant surface lies a structure of careful design choices. Every one of those choices must support the functional goals of the project, not just aesthetics. Our podcast, CTRL+CLICK CAST, features a number of talented designers who shared how they think through design, from how and when to use animations, to determining appropriate color choices, to incorporating content into the process.

Check out these CTRL+CLICK design episodes for real-world, practical examples to help you create beautiful experiences on the web.

  • CSS Animations
    Val Head stops by the show to talk about CSS animations, from basic definitions to considerations for projects. We discuss how web animations are best used to support communication and goals, creating smoother and more elegant online interactions.
  • Design Deliverables
    Samantha Warren, creator of Style Tiles, explains what design deliverables she prepares to help communicate design direction, not just to clients but to internal teams. We discuss static vs. dynamic deliverables and the evolution of design workflows.
  • Content-First Design
    Content strategist and expert Steph Hay talks about the benefits of using a content-first approach to design with an emphasis on discovering the common language between customers and businesses. We discuss how content-first design can help improve efficiency and the quality of work.
  • Color
    Illustrator Geri Coady offers her take on appropriate color choices for design. Reaching far beyond aesthetics, Geri dives into how color affects accessibility and user experience, and recommends tools for testing color decisions on the web.

Whether you are a designer or a dev, a freelancer or an agency owner, these episodes should be on your “must listen” list! And if you don’t have time to listen to a full show, we’ve got transcripts — right on the page or downloadable in PDF format! — and detailed show notes. Skim through to get all the info in less time.

Do you have any recommendations for resources or guests to share ideas about the design process? If so, contact us!

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