Top 6 Listener Picks

Erin Lewis

We have our favorite CTRL+CLICK CAST episodes, but this round-up is dedicated to your favorites. Our six most downloaded episodes represent not only the spectrum of topics and guests on our show, but also the range of tech interests among our fab listeners!

Which topics rise to the top? Development, design, business? For our well-rounded audience, the answer is all of the above. These episodes are our most popular for a reason. Listen to find out why!

  1. Web Components
    Web components are a part of the shift towards modularity in web design. But as a new spec, many devs aren’t sure of when and where to use them. John Rogerson shares best use cases with comparisons to more familiar dev approaches in our most downloaded episode!
  2. Content First Design
    Content strategist and expert Steph Hay talks about the benefits of using a content-first approach to design, with an emphasis on discovering the common language between customers and businesses. We discuss how content-first design can help improve efficiency and the quality of work.
  3. Overwhelmed by Code
    Front-end developer Susan Robertson offers some really helpful insights on how to get through your day-to-day, prioritize professional learning and avoid code burnout. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by code, this is the episode for you.
  4. When is WordPress the Right Fit?
    Angie Herrera returns to the show to offer a comparison between WordPress and other CMSs her firm uses. We talk about specific reasons why you’d choose one platform over another, where you shouldn’t use WordPress and what to look out for.
  5. Practical Pricing
    Do you know if you’re really turning a profit? Are you pricing your work to include the cost of maintaining your business? Brad Weaver, Chief Experience Officer of Nine Labs, shares tips (with examples!) for accurate estimating, choosing pricing options and discussing pricing with clients.

  6. Teaching UX Design
    UX expert and Center Centre co-founder Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman discusses the limitations of a traditional education path for web workers, what she’s doing to help budding UX professionals, and what makes a good teacher and a good student.

Whether you are a designer or a dev, a freelancer or an agency owner, these episodes should be on your “must listen” list! And if you don’t have time to listen to a full show, we’ve got transcripts — right on the page or downloadable in PDF format! — and detailed show notes. Skim through to get all the info in less time.

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