Web Afternoon: UX Edition

Lea Alcantara

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking at Web Afternoon: UX Edition this past August! While I’ve already written in detail the key takeaways for my Beyond Static talk, there were a few things I wanted to highlight that made Web Afternoon special.


It is the era of web conferences, and we have more events than ever to choose to attend, which comes with benefits and challenges. With Web Afternoon, you benefit from a smaller, intimate setting that leads to more interaction and more personal conversations.

And the organizers (the entire Nine Labs crew) assured me that they have no plans to make Web Afternoon a giant conference. What you get, instead, are one-on-one chats with speakers and attendees alike, simply due to the fact the event is small enough to let that happen!

An Afternoon

While I enjoy attending conferences and being re-energized with my peers, as a speaker, I was grateful that I didn’t have to block off several days in order to speak to accommodate travel and attendance. Having the event for one day helps, but also having the event happen at the end of the week allows you to plan your work week easier.

Really, An Afternoon!

The conference doesn’t start until 1pm. What?! You mean you can sleep in — er, you only have to work half a day and then head to the conference after lunch? Awesome. And because it’s only a few hours, each talk and panel is packed with relevant information and inspiration. It’s all in one room, too, so it allows most people to mingle and, again, take advantage of that intimate atmosphere.

The Talks

And speaking of the packed talks and panels, the unofficial theme of this year’s #waux was focused on team communication and overcoming bias — both are intertwined. These topics are important to remind us that we can’t do our best work if we don’t all come together. Even better, the talks included actionable ways, with example scenarios, to actually do this.

If that isn’t worth the price of admission, I don’t know what is. If you’re in the Atlanta or surrounding area, definitely check out Web Afternoon. It’ll be a good day.

P.S. Here are my slides:

And if you want a high-level list of key takeaways, read my ConvergeSE talk breakdown!

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