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Emily Lewis

A successful website is, ultimately, one that focuses on the user and their experience; one that connects with the broadest range of people possible. A website for “all” is the foundation for website success, regardless of industry or audience.

So how do you design and build a website for all? Tune into these CTRL+CLICK episodes and learn about the techniques, workflows and mindset that will help you craft user-focused websites!

  • Emotional Intelligence in Design
    Facebook’s Beth Dean shares her lessons learned trying to anticipate and avoid the friction that can occur when the design process doesn’t consider the human factor. She offers tips for how to be more emotionally intelligent in both design and development, including embracing diversity in the workplace, identifying stress scenarios early in the process, and emphasizing the user throughout.
  • Accessibility 101
    Accessibility advocate and developer Greg Tarnoff breaks down the basics of accessibility.He explains accessibility myths and benefits, and the consequences of neglect. We also talk about how accessibility affects the entire workflow through development, design and leadership, and share resources that will help you create a more inclusive web.
  • Progressive Enhancement, Revisited
    Developer Aaron Gustafson, author of Adaptive Web Design, updates us on how progressive enhancement fits in today’s mobile web design and development workflow. He explains the technical specifics of progressive enhancement, as well as how design and user experience work hand-in-hand. He also details the business benefits inherent when building an inclusive site or app.

  • Content Workflows for Statamic
    A user-focused website should also have a user-friendly CMS behind it. Jack McDade, creator of Statamic CMS, discusses content management workflows — why they are important for CMS users, whether there is an ideal workflow and how CMS devs can best build user-friendly workflows for their clients. And, of course, how Statamic supports flexible content workflows.
  • Data-Driven Design
    UX expert Matthew Oliphant explains how data can help inform critical business decisions, as well as design and development. We discuss testing assumptions before a project begins, as well as how UX research affects process and the project lifecycle. He also shares different ways to test a website or app, real-world scenarios of testing, and ways to make sense of it all to fulfill client and user goals.

If you want to design and build user-first websites that reach the broadest audience possible, these episodes should be on your “must listen” list! And if you don’t have time to listen to a full show, we’ve got transcripts — right on the page or downloadable in PDF format — and detailed show notes! Skim through to get all the info in less time.

Are there other user-focused topics we should tackle? Let us know!

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