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Lea Alcantara

Small actions can lead to big results. Though we are a small agency, we give our clients big value by being trusted partners and sometimes by working with one of our trusted partners to deliver specialty services.

This partnership mindset not only leads to happy clients, it creates positive impact in our communities — like helping raise over $22,000 for Puerto Rico’s post-hurricane relief!

Small Agency, Mighty Impact

While the news cycle has died down, the issues plaguing Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria have not. So when Focus Lab’s Erik Reagan asked us to join their Fuerte campaign to raise funds for relief, we jumped at the chance to help.

With just two people at Bright Umbrella, our contributions alone to this campaign were not sizeable. But uniting with larger agencies (many of which are our trusted partners!) amplified our efforts to ultimately raise over $22,000 for The Hispanic Foundation UNIDOS program!

Photo of Lea Alcantara wearing the Fuerte t-shirt
Wearing the shirt that helped raise $22,000!

Do Good Work — Together

This entire campaign underscores the importance of collaboration. By nurturing these partnerships, we can serve our communities and our clients better. When a project’s goals and needs go beyond our reach, we partner with other agencies and specialists to get the job done — whether that job is working on a website or aiding social causes.

Never forget that something that might feel small to you might mean the world to someone else.

Erik Reagan, Focus Lab

Six months after the hurricane, the people of Puerto Rico are grappling with the longest blackout in U.S. history. While you can no longer buy a Fuerte t-shirt, there are many more ways to help. A little can go a long way!

Puerto Rico Still Needs Your Help
Donate Directly to UNIDOS!

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