Your Giving Campaign Needs a Fast Website

Emily Lewis

Want to increase donations? Want donors to easily find you when searching on their phone? Want to keep supporters on your website? Then your site needs to be fast!

Every second affects conversions and directly impacts donors’ confidence in your mission. And starting in July — that’s next week! — every second will affect your Google mobile search ranking.

5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Website Needs to Be Speedy

1. Increase Donations

If a site stalls, do you stick around while it loads? No. Donors are no different. Obama’s 2011 fundraising campaign raised an additional $34 million when the website page load dropped from 5 seconds to 2 seconds — that’s a 14 percent increase in donation conversion with just 3 seconds of improvement!

2. Stand Out During Holiday Giving

Supporters consider a number of causes and nonprofits before donating. And many will revisit websites as they make their decision. But the New York Times notes that “people will visit a web site less often if it is slower than a close competitor by more than 250 milliseconds.” That’s milliseconds! If your site is slow, a potential donor is more likely to leave your site — and end up supporting another organization instead!

3. Reach Mobile-Savvy Donors

21% of online donations in 2017 were mobile donations. If you want to reach the vast majority of U.S. adults, your site needs to be speedy for all users — even those on slower mobile networks or limited-data devices.

4. Improve Google Search Ranking

Your fundraising success not only depends on direct outreach, but to organic search as well. And next month, Google will officially consider page speed in your mobile ranking. A faster site can improve your search ranking — extending the reach of your fundraising efforts.

5. Support Staff Productivity

In the busy world of nonprofits, staff (and volunteers!) often juggle multiple responsibilities, including managing the website. If your staff has to worry about the headaches of a sluggish site, that’s time not spent on supporting your mission.

Speed Improvements for Every Budget

There are a number of culprits that can slow down your website — from your CMS to site images. Bright Umbrella can figure out exactly what help you need!

We’ll audit your site to determine what’s slowing it down, and we’ll work with your priorities and budget to plan an effective strategy. Then we’ll get to work on measurable improvements.

Ready to see better fundraising conversions? Start with a free consultation!

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