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You need to keep your website up-to-date with the latest information in order to be effective. When you need to make changes or add information, you need it to be fast and easy. The last thing you want to do is submit a support request and wait. Or worse, not be able to make the changes because your content management system (CMS) is impossible to use.

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Collage of screenshots from multiple content management systems: Craft, ExpressionEngine and Statamic

Our CMS solutions make it easy for you to update your site, whether you need to add ecommerce inventory, update members-only resources, create landing pages on the fly, or add faculty to your campus directory.

We build the CMS that works for you, not the other way around.

Flexible, Secure Content Management

You know your content. We know how to help you manage that content, efficiently and easily. We’ve worked with both open source — Drupal, WordPress, Joomla — and commercial platforms — Craft, ExpressionEngine, Statamic. We've created theme-based and highly-custom systems. And we know that no one, single content management system is perfect for every client.

That’s why we build a CMS that works for your organization, your staff and your content.

Is It Hard to Update Your Site?

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Say Goodbye to Painful, Expensive Maintenance

Keeping your CMS software up-to-date is essential to ensure the security and stability of your system. We rely on CMS software that is easy to maintain and even upgrade. We implement backup solutions to ensure the integrity of your data and assets. And we offer all our clients post-launch support, so you have peace of mind knowing we’re keeping your site and CMS running smoothly and securely at all times.

Staff-Friendly Content Entry

The CMS solutions we build focus on the user experience — your experience — so your CMS control panel and content entry forms are easy to understand and use. In fact, most of our clients are able to update content on their own after a brief 1-hour training session! With features like drag-n-drop re-ordering and uploading, live-edit previews and mobile-friendly control panels you can access on your iPad or phone, your staff will enjoy how easy it is to fix typos on-the-fly and even add new pages.

Say Hello to Saving Time and Money

Our CMS solutions save you time. And time is money. Because you can update your site the way you want, you’ll see fewer publishing bottlenecks and inaccuracies. Because your CMS is easy to use (and learn!), your staff can focus on organizational goals, not troubleshooting tech issues.

Help Search Engines Find You

We know how important it is for your organization to do well with search engines. It’s a critical path to reaching broader audiences. That’s why we build CMS solutions that give you 100% control of your search engine optimization (SEO) content — headlines, metadata, tags, whatever content you need to boost your site rankings. And because today’s search engines care about performance, we also ensure your CMS-driven site is speedy, even for users on slow mobile networks.

Give Your Users Exclusive Site Content and Features

Do you have an online store with special pricing for wholesale buyers? Do you have members or users who want to update their own profile information? Want to offer exclusive whitepapers to VIP leads? Bright Umbrella builds solutions for password-protected access to any type of content, including products, event registrations, informational resources and downloads.

Hate Calling Tech Support for Changes?

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We build sites you can update yourself — quickly and easily!

Integrate with CRM, Social Media and More

We know your website is just one rung of your digital marketing ladder. Use Salesforce for CRM? Want Facebook comments on your blog posts? Want to use your Google account to log in to your site? Need to collect email addresses for your MailChimp newsletters? We can integrate with all of these third-party solutions and more — saving your staff time and money from manual data entry and import/export procedures.

Offer Real-time Directories and Search

Do you have deep catalogs of resources that visitors need to search, print and even download? Our CMS solutions support custom directories and search applications for all content types — from user profiles to events to products — and organized how you like: date-based, alphabetically, categorically, and more! We can even add functionality for users to print and automatically export real-time directory content.

Enjoy Flexible and Custom Marketing

Stop worrying about how to get the right message out there. We let you to focus on the what and the why instead of struggling to get your message out in the first place. We build CMSs that give you the flexibility to create custom landing pages for email and pay-per-click campaigns on the fly. And cross-promoting content on your site is a breeze!

Sell Online, Accept Donations, Offer Subscriptions

Bright Umbrella’s CMS solutions support easy-to-manage ecommerce. Do you sell physical products? Offer digital downloads? Collect member dues? Accept online payments or donations? We advise you on all the details for your ecommerce, from the CMS, to configuring taxes, to which payment gateway you should use.

Invest in What You Need

Your nonprofit probably doesn’t need a bloated, feature-heavy enterprise solution. Your small business probably doesn’t want to invest in a costly solution that is overkill for what you need. Content management systems that don’t fit what you need — now and in the future — lead to day-to-day frustration and lost productivity. The CMS solutions we build are nimble, and give sites large and small just the right amount of content management without the headache of an overpriced, clunky system.

Trust in a Stable, Secure Solution

Most of our projects rely on commercial CMS solutions — Craft, ExpressionEngine and Statamic — because our clients value the piece of mind these solutions offer. The CMS software we use is backed by reputable companies invested in maintaining and supporting their products. In fact, the CMS vendors we work with even provide cost-effective development support. By comparison, direct support from open source options like WordPress is costly — in fact, for WordPress it’s upwards of $100,000.

Does your website get results?

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We build sites that work for you, not the other way around!

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