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When you need to make changes to your website, the last thing you want to deal with is a content management system (CMS) that’s impossible to use. Craft CMS makes it easy for you to update your site, whether you need to add ecommerce inventory, update members-only resources or create landing pages.

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You don’t need to be a web expert to update your site with Craft! Bright Umbrella builds Craft to work for your organization, your staff and your content.

Flexible, Scalable Content Management

Craft CMS makes it easy for you to update your website, by yourself, with no coding or technical knowledge. As strong as it is in content management — every type of content from images to video to members to ecommerce products — Craft’s signature is how easy it is to use. It is designed for you and how you want to work, all while keeping the integrity of your brand and site design.

Official Craft Partner

Bright Umbrella is proud to be a Craft Partner, because Craft is the flexible content management system (CMS) that lets us create custom, engaging websites for our nonprofit and business clients. And our clients love using Craft, because its ease-of-use and content-first foundation make it a breeze for staff to maintain their websites.

Need Secure Content Management?

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Craft CMS is built with best-in-class security standards

Easily Manage Any Type of Content

Is it hard to add images to your site? What about video? Does your marketing team struggle to add white papers? With Craft, you can manage any type of content — easily, without any special technical knowledge. Text, graphics, PDFs videos and even products are a breeze for you to add, remove and edit.

Enjoy Flexibility and Control

Brand and design inconsistencies like wrong fonts, colors or even broken layouts, are way too easy with most CMSs. Craft’s signature Matrix functionality gives your staff as much control as possible over page content, without sacrificing the integrity of your brand or website design. You can add infinite content blocks, reorder content and even show/hide content without fear of breaking a page.

Staff-Friendly Content Entry

Most of our clients are able to update content on their own after a brief 1-hour training session! With features like drag-n-drop re-ordering and uploading, live-edit previews and mobile-friendly control panels you can access on your iPad or phone, your staff will enjoy how easy Craft makes it to add and edit site content.

Help Search Engines Find You

A website that can’t be found might as well not exist. That may mean your organization is lost, too. Bright Umbrella’s Craft solutions support all of your search engine optimization (SEO) needs. Want to automate tags? Need to customize headlines? Have special content to improve your site rankings? Craft gives you 100% control. And because today’s search engines care about performance, we also ensure your Craft-driven site is speedy, even for users on slow mobile networks.

Preview Before You Publish

Not sure how a page will look when you’re updating content? No problem with Craft CMS, thanks to live preview features that show you exactly how your content will look while you’re editing the page.

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Edit Your Site on the Go

Bright Umbrella designs and builds sites that look great on your phone or tablet. With Craft CMS, you can even edit your site on any device. Traveling? At a conference and need a blog posted? Log in to Craft and do it right from your phone.

Support On-Demand Custom Marketing

Stop worrying about how to get the right message out there. We let you to focus on the what and the why instead of struggling to get your message out in the first place. Craft gives you the flexibility to create custom landing pages for email and pay-per-click campaigns on the fly. And cross-promoting content on your site is a breeze!

Integrate with CRM, Social Media and More

We know your website is just one rung on your digital marketing ladder. Use Salesforce for CRM? Want Facebook comments on your blog posts? Want to use your Google account to log in to your site? Need to collect email addresses for your MailChimp newsletters? We can integrate with all of these third-party solutions and more — saving your staff time and money from manual data entry and import/export procedures.

Trust in a Stable, Secure Solution

Craft is a secure and stable system, even in high traffic situations such as The Associated Press, which relies on Craft to drive its hugely popular site. And as a proprietary, commercial and managed CMS, Craft is insulated from the challenges other completely open source CMSs — like WordPress — face, including security exploits that can lead to major Google penalties.

Invest in What You Need

Your nonprofit probably doesn’t need a bloated, feature-heavy enterprise solution. Your small business probably doesn’t want to invest in a costly solution that is overkill for what you need. Content management systems that don’t fit what you need — now and in the future — lead to day-to-day frustration and lost productivity. The Craft solutions we build are nimble, and give sites large and small just the right amount of content management without the headache of an overpriced, clunky system.

Hate Calling Tech Support for Changes?

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We build sites you can update yourself — quickly and easily!

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