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Bright Umbrella handles the tech, so you can focus on what you know best: education. We understand the needs of high schools, colleges, libraries and camps, and can help you boost enrollment, engage donors, and connect with families and alumni.

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From online registrations and flexible landing pages to student-only portals for learning resources, we'll build the right solution to help your organization grow.

All Types of Educational Organizations

Our clients include science camps, colleges, high schools and libraries. We understand the unique challenges educators and institutions face, as well as the technical solutions to help you connect and educate.

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Speedy Sites for All Users

As mobile usage grows, your site needs to be speedy for all users, even those on slow mobile networks. Bright Umbrella specializes in fast, mobile-friendly sites, following best practices for development and optimizing content management system (CMS) output so your site is as fast as it can be.

Robust Directories and Search

Do you have deep catalogs that need to be easy for students to search, print and even download? We create custom directories and search applications for courses, camps, and even staff, to help your students research and make decisions. We also provide solutions so your users can print and automatically export these dynamic web-based resources.

Return on Your Investment

Not only do the sites we build help increase enrollment, they save you time. And time is money. We create sites you can update yourself, removing bottlenecks, reducing inaccuracies and saving administrative costs. We provide customized workflows tailored to your needs so your staff can focus on important organizational goals, not troubleshooting tech issues.

Helping You Focus on the Conversion Funnel

Many of our non-traditional education clients have unique conversion needs, like online registrations and even commerce. We design and build solutions that focus on the conversions you want, from simple newsletter signups to ecommerce with digital downloads to workshop registrations. We get to know your conversion process from beginning to end, ensuring the solutions we create are focused and have purpose.

Flexible, Custom Marketing

We know how integral marketing campaigns are for your multi-channel communication strategies. We build CMSs that give you the flexibility to create custom landing pages for fundraising and enrollment campaigns, as well as cross-promotional content throughout the site, allowing you to focus on the what and the why instead of struggling to get the message out in the first place.

Evolve with Trends and Technology

Technology and trends change, especially in the education world. You need to stay up-to-date with visitor expectations. The sites we create are built on foundations that can expand features and functionality without sacrificing experience for less tech-savvy users. We also build content management systems that are meant to evolve. So as your needs change, your CMS can change with them.

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We Believe in Education

Not only are we passionate about working with clients involved in education, we are educators ourselves. Our entire staff has worked for educational institutions. Both Emily and Lea taught web development and design, respectively, at the post-secondary level. And our communications assistant, Erin, has a Master’s in Education.

We also produce and host CTRL+CLICK CAST, a long-running (7 years!) tech podcast focused on educating and advising both new and seasoned web professionals. Our listeners turn to us for practical information that helps them take their careers to new levels.

Our annual giving is education focused. We donated to send girls to school via Heifer International for several years, and are now donating to the Malala Fund, which helps women around the world get education.

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