Content Management Made Easy with ExpressionEngine

When you need to add information to your website, you need it to be fast and simple. ExpressionEngine (EE) makes it easy for you to update your site, whether you need to change ecommerce inventory, add new events to your calendar or edit simple contact information.

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You don’t need to be a web expert to add site content with ExpressionEngine! Bright Umbrella builds EE to work for your organization, for your staff and for your content.

Secure, Scalable Content Management

No matter what type of content you have — news, photo galleries, videos, events, even members and products — ExpressionEngine can manage it. EE is user-friendly for all technical (or non-tech!) skill sets.

More than how easy EE will be for you to use, you’ll love the peace of mind of ExpressionEngine. When security and stability are paramount — as they are for membership organizations, high-traffic sites and robust ecommerce stores — EE is the CMS we choose so you can quickly, easily and safely launch a new marketing campaign, feature a new product or add members-only content.

Need Flexible Content Management?

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ExpressionEngine makes it easy for you to add pages on-demand!

Keep Your Site Secure

As a proprietary, commercial and managed CMS, ExpressionEngine is insulated from the challenges some completely open source CMSs like WordPress face, including security exploits that can lead to major Google penalties.

Your High Traffic Site Won’t Go Down

ExpressionEngine is known for its ability to support large, high traffic sites. Even current and past presidential candidates built their sites on EE because it can handle the load and possible exploits. EE also features a variety of performance monitoring tools to make your site run smoothly, no matter how much traffic you get.

Easily Manage Any Type of Content

Is it hard to add a video to your site? Is your current CMS hard for new staff to learn? With ExpressionEngine, any user can manage any type of content — easily, without any special technical knowledge. Text, graphics, PDFs and videos are simple to add and maintain. Social media and SEO metadata management are also a breeze, giving your staff complete control of all site content.

Integrate with CRM, Social Media and More

We know your website is just one rung on your digital marketing ladder. Use Salesforce for CRM? Want Facebook comments on your blog posts? Want to use your Google account to log in to your site? Need to collect email addresses for your MailChimp newsletters? We can integrate with all of these third-party solutions and more — saving your staff time and money from manual data entry and import/export procedures.

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Support Your Editorial Workflows

Have editors who need to approve author entries before they go live? Want to give some users access to just your blog content? With EE, we can customize your publishing workflows based on user permissions and content status, so your staff can work efficiently while ensuring consistency and quality.

Built for Your Needs Today and Tomorrow!

EE is scalable and extensible, which means what we build for you today can grow as your business grows. When you are ready to take your website to the next level, Bright Umbrella can easily add features like online advertising management and tracking, automated newsletters and password-protected content.

Invest in What You Need

Your nonprofit probably doesn’t need a bloated, feature-heavy enterprise solution. Your small business probably doesn’t want to invest in a costly solution that is overkill for what you need. Content management systems that don’t fit what you need — now and in the future — lead to day-to-day frustration and lost productivity. The ExpressionEngine solutions we build are nimble, and give sites large and small just the right amount of content management without the headache of an overpriced, clunky system.

Trust in Tech Support Now and the Future!

While Bright Umbrella provides all of our clients post-launch maintenance and support, you can also enjoy technical support from EllisLab, the makers of ExpressionEngine. EE comes with affordable paid support plans that scale with your needs. By comparison, WordPress support is upwards of $100,000.

Say Goodbye to Content Entry Headaches

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