Increase Conversions with a Mobile-Friendly Website

You visit websites on your phone or tablet — and so do your site visitors. When you ignore the mobile experience, it's bad for business.

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That’s why Bright Umbrella builds sites that are mobile-friendly: we know your online success depends on a great mobile experience. We help you reach your goals by reaching your audience, even those on mobile devices.

Mobile Matters for Every Industry

Whether you are an entrepreneur, nonprofit or educational organization, a great mobile experience isn’t a “nice to have” — it’s a necessity. Nearly 2 of every 3 minutes spent online are spent on mobile devices.

We know how to design and build sites that are a pleasure for your visitors to use, whether they are on their smartphones, tablets or desktop computers. We understand how technology evolves, so our solutions are flexible to evolve too. And we know your goals may change, so we offer a variety of mobile solutions to fit any budget and business need.

Reach Your Mobile Audience

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Boost Your Brand with a Unique Mobile Experience

We understand how critical your website is to your brand, which is why our mobile designs aren’t “stripped down” versions of desktop-only websites. We showcase your brand with custom, mobile-first designs — no cookie-cutter templates here! We create sites that stand out to visitors because they can easily find everything they need whether on their phone, tablet or desktop.

Make It Easier for Mobile Customers

More than a great looking design, Bright Umbrella specializes in websites that work for your customers. We build sites that are easy to click around, even if on a touchscreen tablet. We make sure it’s easy for users to take action on your site, whether applying for admission, buying a product or subscribing to your newsletter.

Improve Speed for Mobile Users

No matter how great your site looks and works on mobile, it has to be fast too. Google’s 2016 study found 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. Your site needs to be speedy for all users, even those on slower mobile networks. Bright Umbrella creates mobile- and performance-friendly sites, using best practices for design, development and content management system (CMS) output.

Be Competitive in a Growing Mobile Landscape

61% of users quickly move onto another site if they can’t find what they need on a mobile site. A mobile-friendly retrofit or redesign can have a direct, positive impact on your online conversions. Don’t drive your customers to a competitor! Keep them on your site!

Help Search Engines (and Customers!) Find You

We know how important it is for your organization to do well with search engines. It’s a critical path to reaching broader audiences. And mobile-friendliness directly impacts your search ranking. That’s why we build websites that look great and work great on mobile.

Get a Return on Your Investment

Investing in mobile opens up your audience, offering you greater potential ROI thanks to improved conversions and decreased attrition. In fact, Boomchickapop recorded a 23% increase in sales — and calculated a $1.30 ROI for every $1.00 spent — after investing in a mobile-first strategy!

Mobile Options for Any Budget

Bright Umbrella is more than a web design and development agency, we are trusted partners who understand your business, including your budget. This is why we offer different mobile design solutions — retrofits, redesigns and mobile-first new designs — so regardless of your budget (or goals) you can give your mobile visitors a great experience.

Is Your Site Slow on Mobile?

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We build speedy sites that are mobile (and user!) friendly

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