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Not all nonprofits are the same, so why should your website look like the rest? Bright Umbrella designs and builds websites that stand out, not only from other nonprofits but from other sites on the internet.

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Whether for member-based associations, philanthropic foundations or community service organizations, we craft unique interactive experiences that elevate your brand. More than the visual experience, you can rely on us to build sites that are mobile-friendly, accessible and connect with your audience.

Nonprofit Websites that Work

A digital presence is critical for you to retain donors, reach new supporters and further your nonprofit’s mission. Because we also work with entrepreneurs, we have a well-rounded perspective and insight into the challenges both nonprofits and businesses face and the solutions that can serve both.

Does Your Nonprofit Site Get Results?

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Connect With Your Audience

Your website needs to be more than a digital brochure. You have to connect with your audience, which means you need to give them more than marketing information. We design and build unique solutions to help you connect, from simple newsletter sign ups to members-only content to online donations.

Get Return on Your Investment

Not only do the sites we build help increase membership and donations, they save you time. And time is money. We create sites you can update yourself, removing bottlenecks, reducing inaccuracies and saving administrative costs. We provide customized workflows tailored to your needs so your staff can focus on important organizational goals, not troubleshooting tech issues.

Help Search Engines Find You

We know how important it is for your nonprofit to do well with search engines. It’s a critical path to reaching broader audiences. So we build sites that are not only organically optimized for search engines, but also give you 100% control of your SEO metadata. And because today’s search engines care about performance, we build sites that are speedy even for users on slow mobile networks.

Encourage Users to Share Your Content

We understand your website is part of an overall digital presence that also relies on social media. We integrate the appropriate social sharing options you need, and ensure social previews reflect the information you want. We even provide art direction and graphic design if you need better brand consistency and awareness across your social network.

Boost Member Value with Exclusive Content

We know member value is a top priority for trade and professional associations. We help you offer competitive member benefits with exclusive portals that feature everything from members-only resources to online dues renewal to directory profile maintenance.

We also value the time volunteers and staff invest in your nonprofit. We make sure what we build not only adds value to your members, but is painless for staff and volunteers (of all technical levels) to maintain.

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