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As part of a complete rebrand in 2014, Beansmith Coffee Roasters wanted a streamlined, mobile-friendly store experience and better user engagement on their site. They also wanted to offer special pricing, discounts and products for wholesale members, but with a system that is “a breeze” for staff to maintain. Enter Bright Umbrella.

Working with designs from Beansmith’s branding company, Tiny Bungalow, we took over the strategic and development aspects of the project. After learning Beansmith’s goals — selling premium coffee without technical headaches for their visitors or staff — we strategically adjusted the site designs and mapped out efficient admin workflows. We then implemented the responsive site design, transforming the store into a clean, seamless shopping experience that highlights Beansmith’s premium products and their new brand.

On the backend, Bright Umbrella optimized Beansmith’s existing ExpressionEngine CMS and Expresso Store install. The CMS and Store now provide an easier experience for Beansmith staff to maintain and update their products and site content. Bright Umbrella not only improved admin workflows for site content and the store, but also optimized the EE templates for better performance and maintenance.

Results Delivered

  • Improved mobile user experience and site performance
  • Streamlined store check out process
  • Simplified store and product maintenance
  • More efficient and effective content admin workflows
  • Optimized CMS templates for better performance and maintenance
  • Maintenance cost savings

Services Provided

  • ExpressionEngine CMS Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Design & Development
  • Data Imports
  • Training & Documentation
  • Maintenance & Support

Desktop: Product Detail & Shopping Cart

Screenshot of beansmith-product-desktop
Screenshot of beansmith-cart-desktop

Mobile: Home Page & Shopping Cart

Screenshot of beansmith-mobile-home
Screenshot of beansmith iphone cart overlap v2

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