Bright Umbrella

Exceeding Our Own Marketing Goals

Thanks to our agile, flexible website and CMS, we continue to exceed our marketing goals!

Screenshot of Bright Umbrella project

Bright Umbrella is a lot like your organization. We have the same challenges and needs when it comes to the web and content management. Our website is the face of who we are and what we do, and it is where all our marketing efforts — email campaigns, social media and newsletters — lead.

Like you, we need our site to instantly connect with visitors and clearly convey our expertise, while also reflecting our brand. Like you, we need our CMS to give us flexibility with our site content, from long-form blog posts to email landing pages to newsletter signup CTAs.


  1. July 2013

    Launched rebranded site on Craft CMS

  2. January 2016

    Refreshed site design, focusing on mobile-friendly, open layout

  3. June 2016

    Implemented automatic table of contents for blog

  4. August 2016

    Added new content entry features in Craft for flexible landing pages

Results Delivered

  • Mobile-friendly, user-friendly design and experience

    • Speedy site looks and works great on every device, even on slower mobile networks
    • Layout is open and content is focused, helping visitors easily find the information they need
  • Efficient, marketing-focused content entry

    • Craft CMS provides drag-and-drop reordering for case studies, making it quick and easy to change our featured projects
    • Blog posts can be long-form, where Craft automatically includes a Table of Contents with jump links.
    • Long-form content can also dynamically feature pull quotes and blockquotes.
    • Landing page content is easily reordered with Craft’s drag-and-drop, so pages are easily customized for campaigns
  • An easy-to-find, easy-to-share website

    • Focused on organic search engine optimization (SEO) with standards-based HTML5 and structured data
    • Craft CMS gives us complete control of search engine metadata and headings
    • Site content is optimized for sharing, including social preview images, titles and descriptions
  • Strong brand recognition and consistent communication across all channels

    • Website visual design elevates our brand, while messaging focuses on our clients rather than technology
    • Social preview images for content sharing reinforces our brand, using elements and typography from website
    • Our social media profiles also reflect our branding, both in cover art and in content shared

Services Provided

  • Craft CMS Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Responsive Design & Development
  • Copy Editing & Writing
  • Identity & Branding
  • Graphic Design & Illustration

A New Brand for a New Partnership

When we first joined forces, timing and client priorities trumped an official rebrand. But when the time came to come up with a new company name, identity, brand and website, we decided to be our own client because we are our clients.

We followed our standard project process. During discovery, we conducted market research about our existing brand perceptions, name and trademark research. During strategy, we translated our research into our name and brand.

Brand Guidelines Keeps Our Image On Track

Screenshot of Screenshot of Bright Umbrella's focused, 3-page brand guidelines

During design, we created our logo — including early typographic standards — and established our color palettes. All of this foundational work provided the direction for how to apply our brand to our marketing, including on this very website.

Logo Designed for Print, Web, Apparel, Dark, Light

Screenshot of Collage of images showing our logo across multiple applications, including t-shirts, light backgrounds, dark backgrounds and with one of our custom design elements

Consistency Online and Offline: Facebook Cover, Business Card Design

Screenshot of Image of Bright Umbrella's Facebook profile cover art
Screenshot of Images of Bright Umbrella's business cards, which comes in 3 different designs
Screenshot of Images of the front of our business cards, both Emily's and Lea's

Personality + Practicality = Instant, Engaging Connection

Just like our clients, we need our website to stand out and clearly convey who we are. We don’t want to look like all the other agencies out there, because we aren’t like the other agencies.

Our website design is intentionally focused, letting our content speak for us. We intentionally chose bold colors for our brand overall and our website carries this through, without distracting from our #1 site element: content. We utilize typography that reflects our thoughtful nature and conveys an open, friendly feel — focused on our brand. At the same time our typography is focused on our visitors — easy to read on any-sized device. This mix of personality and practicality is our signature.

Our Design Process Embraces Our Signature Style

Screenshot of Collage of screenshots of blog posts Bright Umbrella has published, focusing on our design process

Mobile-Friendly, User-Friendly Design Reaches the Broadest Audience

Like all of our web projects, our own website speaks to the people visiting our site, whether prospective clients looking for case studies or our peers looking for great web design resources. If that person is on a phone or an iPad, it is easy to find out what we do, see the benefits we provide and contact us. When we first launched, the site had a conventional layout with a sidebar. We’ve since adjusted (refresh vs. a redesign) to a narrower one-column layout across all pages. Still looks great on mobile devices, but now gives even more “breathing room” for visitors on desktop computers or larger screens.

Saving Time and Money, We Refreshed Our Site Design

Screenshot of Two screenshots of our blog post design showing the before and after of our design refresh

Design Looks and Works Great on Any Device

Screenshot of Images of different pages on our site viewed on an iMac, iPad and iPhone

Marketing-Focused, Flexible Content Management

Our website is our primary marketing tool and, to be successful, our CMS must be flexible. Which is why we chose Craft CMS (we also happen to be Craft Service Partners). We can quickly create a new landing page for an email campaign. We can also highly customize each landing page, while still having consistent our design and branding. Our assistant can easily add (and style!) a blog post that cross-promotes other site content. We can showcase long-form content or short. We can easily reorder content on any page. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the ease and flexibility Craft gives us.

Reorder Content and Preview Changes to Quickly Respond to Marketing Needs

Screenshot of Animated GIF showing how Craft lets us re-order content on our landing page

Full Control of Social Media and Search Engine Content

While our site is our “home” for all marketing, it must also deliver on social media and in search engine results — and it does! Our underlying site code is completely optimized for organic search engine optimization (SEO) with standards-based HTML5 and using structured data — which Google uses to highlight search results listings. Our code is also optimized for social sharing, displaying previews with thumbnails and descriptions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

And all of this social media and search engine content is 100% managed in Craft. We can customize our SEO titles and descriptions on a page-by-page basis. We can change any and all headings to leverage key words. We can upload a branded graphic for blog posts, which display when shared on Twitter.

Craft CMS Gives Us 100% Control of Search Engine and Social Media Metadata

Screenshot of Collage of screenshots from Craft demonstrating how we can control our SEO metadata

Site Is Coded to Showcase Content on Social Media

Screenshot of Three screenshots. The first shows a snippet of HTML code with Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph tags. The other two show Facebook's and Twitter's previews of our blog posts

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