Galileo Innovation Camps for Kids

Driving Enrollment

Mobile-friendly site engages parents and kids, driving enrollment for Galileo’s educational summer camps

Screenshot of Galileo Innovation Camps for Kids project

Galileo Camps is a leading STEAM program for children, which was named one of America’s best small companies by Forbes in 2017. Their website needs to provide an engaging, exciting experience for kids and speak persuasively to their parents — with a strong focus on the registration conversion funnel.

With Bright Umbrella’s help, Galileo has exceeded their marketing goals since 2012. We provide strategic consulting and production for all their website and content management system (CMS) needs. Most recently, we increased site security by adding HTTPS and improved page speeds by optimizing their CMS.


  1. October 2013

    Created dynamic landing pages for PPC campaigns

  2. March 2015

    Optimized site and server for high-traffic, keeping the site up during critical campaigns

  3. January 2016

    Updated site to support new Chicagoland camps

  4. October 2017

    Improved site security with HTTPS using SSL

Results Delivered

  • Higher online enrollment

    • Mobile-friendly site appeals to tech-savvy kids, while parents appreciate the peace of mind knowing the information they submit to the site is secure with HTTPS
    • Landing pages, customized for geographic region and camp program, boosted pay-per-click (PPC) conversions by 34
    • Landing pages can be integrated with site-wide pop-ups to promote coupons and discounts
  • Integration with Salesforce, iCIMS and search engine marketing campaigns

    • Retention of brand integrity: Staff can easily embed Salesforce content and forms into web pages
    • Extension of recruiting efforts: Staff can embed iCIMS job application forms into web pages
    • Less content maintenance: Jobs section pulls employment information from iCIMS
    • More flexible PPC campaigns: Landing pages can be rapidly customized for regions and camp programs
  • Stable, fast site supports high-traffic enrollment and recruiting efforts

    • Resolved ongoing site crashes to ensure up-times during critical marketing campaigns
    • Consulted on server capacity and hosting options
    • Ongoing maintenance of CMS to latest, stable version — including add-ons — to support site security and stability
    • Custom caching to ensure pages are speedy — even landing pages for campaigns generating 10x the page views from previous years
    • Implemented version control systems for more efficient and secure maintenance, including future software updates
  • Flexible content entry to support changing marketing campaigns

    • Staff has full control over site navigation, including secondary dropdown levels
    • Staff can add alerts to the homepage to call attention to camp start dates, new locations and more
    • All content in landing pages can be re-ordered based on program focus, as well as customized for regional marketing campaigns
    • Recruiting Department can change layout and content organization on their section pages to meet annual campaign needs
  • Parent- and kid-friendly mobile site experience

    • Ongoing mobile optimizations, including the primary navigation and footer, to appeal to Galileo’s target market of tech-savvy parents and children
    • Improved speed of entire site, particularly pages critical to enrollment and recruiting campaigns, ensuring blazing fast pages even during high traffic
    • HTTPS ensures any information submitted on the site is encrypted, protecting parents’ information

Services Provided

  • ExpressionEngine CMS Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Responsive Design & Development
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Training & Documentation
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Host Transfer & Domain Consultation
  • Performance Optimization
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Security Consultation
  • HTTPS Implementation with SSL Certificate

Strategic Content Management with ExpressionEngine CMS

In 2012, we began our relationship with Galileo in the role of CMS developer, brought in with design agency Big Mouth and front-end developer Dogmo Studios for a new site design. We translated our agency partners’ work into ExpressionEngine (EE), starting with a data import from Galileo’s outdated EE install. The new EE CMS we built made it easy for staff with different permissions to access only their content, and for editors to approve and preview content before publishing. We also integrated with Salesforce and Galileo’s employment service iCIMS, reducing staff content maintenance and minimizing inaccuracies in job information.

In the years since, we’ve assumed full management of their site. In addition to ongoing design and front-end support, we continually adjust EE to meet the needs of changing Galileo staff, as well as changing enrollment and recruiting efforts. The CMS we built for Galileo remains a workhorse that lets them meet their marketing goals, even after six years and an entirely different staff.

Simple Salesforce Integration Reduces Staff Content Entry

Screenshot of Collage of screenshots showing Galileo's Salesforce schedule information on the website and how that content is embedded in the ExpressionEngine CMS

User Permissions Limit Staff Access to Site Content & CMS Features

Screenshot of Collage of screenshots from Galileo's EE control panel showing how member permissions are set to grant or deny user access to content and features

Respond to Changing Annual Marketing Campaigns

Every January, Galileo kicks off their annual recruitment and enrollment campaigns for the upcoming summer camp season. As an agile, innovative company, Galileo adjusts and improves their marketing efforts for each year’s campaign. We make sure their website and CMS adjust alongside those efforts.

The 2012 site and CMS redesign was a major investment for Galileo, and we understand that not all redesigns are all-encompassing — nor should they be! So we make site changes as time and budget allows. For example, we refreshed the Jobs section for Galileo’s 2015 recruitment campaign, introducing new design elements that work with the original and can be introduced to other site sections in the future.

Design Refresh Instead of Overhaul Saves Money & Supports New Marketing Needs

Screenshot of Collage of screenshots showing the ExpressionEngine and design changes implemented for Jobs section only, featuring new elements but still tied to rest of site design

Mobile-Friendly for Tech-Savvy Parents and Kids

We also balanced budget with business needs when it came to optimizing Galileo’s mobile experience. In the years since launch, more parents and kids are using phones and tablets to view Galileo’s website. Unfortunately, the site failed Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Galileo was at risk of losing campers, as tech-savvy parents chose a competing camp with a great mobile website.

Rather than a complete redesign — which would’ve been cost and resource prohibitive for Galileo — we retrofitted different elements of the site for mobile. We designed a new navigation, improved the footer and made sure landing pages scaled perfectly from phones to iPads to computers.

Phones, Desktops & Everything In Between

Screenshot of Collage of images showing Galileo Camps' program page on an iMac, iPad and iPhone

Marketing-Focused, Flexible Landing Pages

As the conduit for 90% of their enrollment across three US territories, Galileo’s website is critical for all marketing campaigns. And Galileo’s success in marketing depends on being able to shift quickly. We see this most with Galileo’s landing pages.

For email campaigns, Galileo staff can choose from several designs and optionally include cross-promotional content from other areas of the site, such as videos, programs and classes. For pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, Galileo’s SEM expert can rapidly generate custom landing pages for different regions simply by changing the URL. No need to log in to the CMS and manually create new pages for hundreds of campaigns.

On-Demand Landing Pages Are Easy for Staff to Create & Customize

Screenshot of Collage of screenshots with examples of Galileo's landing pages, along with screenshots of how staff can pick from different designs in ExpressionEngine

9x Faster Pages

In the almost six years since the current site launched, the way people use websites has changed dramatically. Mobile usage is up. Users expect speedy sites. Digital marketing is a growing priority. But the code for Galileo’s site wasn’t originally optimized for today’s environment, and their server wasn’t able to support their growing traffic.

To start, we moved Galileo to a better server environment and adjusted the underlying code to get faster page loads. We also monitor their site weekly for speed issues and fix as needed. Since we began focusing on performance, we decreased page load times by 50% during critical enrollment launches. In fact, pages that took 980ms on average, now average 108ms!

Speed & Stability, Before & After

Screenshot of Graphs showing before and after results of Galileo's 9x improvement in page speed

Protecting Galileo’s Site and Customers’ Data

To feel comfortable enrolling their children in Galileo’s summer camps, parents need to feel comfortable submitting their information on Galileo’s site. To help protect that customer data, we implemented a trusted SSL digital certificate, which assures their parents that any content shared through the site is protected. This HTTPS security also impacts Galileo’s EE CMS, so content entered there is also encrypted. This investment in HTTPS not only improves site security, it reinforces Galileo’s brand as an innovator parents can trust. As a bonus, the HTTPS-enabled site is faster and more Google-friendly!

Site Visitors Can Trust Their Information Is Safe

Screenshot of Browser notifications from Chrome and Safari, indicating Galileo's site is secure

Peace of Mind

As valuable as our strategic web solutions are to Galileo, what they love most about working with us is the peace of mind we bring. We make sure their site is fast and works great on mobile devices. We monitor their site to spot high-traffic issues immediately. We make sure every new request for a change to the site makes sense for both Galileo staff and site visitors. We build content entry workflows that make it easy for staff to respond to last-minute campaign changes. We keep their CMS updated and secure. And we make sure they always know what is going on.

Marketing Manager Lisa Weir says it best: “I can always count on them.”

Detailed Project Management Keeps Project On Time & On Budget

Screenshot of Collage of screenshots showing examples of Bright Umbrella's project management tools and resources, including Basecamp and Google Docs

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