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After being named Maryland Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2014, attorney John B. Bratt decided to start his own law firm. Practicing law for over 10 years, John had plenty of courtroom experience (and awards to back it up), but wasn’t sure what his new firm needed in a website and he needed to keep his investment focused. Enter Bright Umbrella. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand aligning investment realities with business goals. And while John is the expert in his business, he needed us as the experts in the web.

We consulted with John to define his needs, which included a basic website he could maintain himself and wasn’t a “cookie cutter law firm site.” JBB Law was the perfect fit for a Statamic-driven website. As a flat-file CMS, Statamic doesn’t have any database requirements, which fit with John’s budget for hosting. And as a robust CMS, Statamic not only provides scalability for JBB Law as the site evolves, but also an easy-to-understand interface for John’s daily content maintenance. We also turned to a pre-built, fully-responsive Statamic theme from Type & Grids, which gives JBB Law a professional, mobile-friendly look-and-feel, without the investment of fully-custom design and development.

John also needed some initial identity work, namely a logo. While John is an outgoing and gregarious person, he wanted JBB Law to reflect his professional side. Bright Umbrella worked with John to craft a simple logo that works across all media, not just his website, and conveys the sense of professionalism and reliability JBB Law provides its clients.

Results Delivered

  • Simple, easy-to-use CMS for content entry
  • Non-traditional law firm design
  • Responsive site experience
  • Logo assets for all media needs

Services Provided

  • Statamic CMS Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Identity & Branding
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Training & Documentation
  • Maintenance & Support

Logo Variations

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Miscellaneous Mobile Views

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