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A unique design and a site that's easy to update! The perfect foundation for a growing business.


Screenshot of Ultimate Reminders™ project

Author, life coach and entrepreneur Gina DeLapa was ready for a change. With a growing business and upcoming new book, her website needed a serious refresh to accommodate ongoing opportunities and marketing efforts. From the outset, Bright Umbrella took the time to understand Gina’s current and future needs so we could give her tailored, strategic guidance.


  1. March 2015

    Improved stability and speed by moving to a more secure, sophisticated CMS

  2. June 2015

    Launched mobile-friendly design

  3. November 2015

    Increased brand visibility with social sharing optimization and creative direction

  4. April 2016

    Expanded sales with an online store

Results Delivered

  • Increased business opportunities

    • Integrated ecommerce, including digital downloads
    • Streamlined newsletter signup process
    • Mailing list expansion
  • Saved administrative time and costs

    • Simple, easy-to-use CMS for daily content entry
    • Custom landing pages for marketing campaigns
  • Better connection with growing audience

    • Clearer paths to sign up for newsletters and buy books
    • Content organization that puts Gina’s voice front-and-center
  • Improved visitor experience

    • Faster pages
    • More secure site
    • Mobile-friendly, responsive design for all devices
  • Better brand direction for clearer communication

    • Clear, modern design that better reflects Gina and her brand
    • Holistic creative assets that support the site and social media
  • An easier-to-find, easier-to-share site

    • Improved SEO with standards-based HTML and structured data
    • Better social sharing, including share previews

Services Provided

  • Ecommerce
  • Craft CMS Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Responsive Design & Development
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Training & Documentation
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Design & Brand Consultation
  • Host Transfer & Domain Consultation
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Data Import from WordPress
  • Mail Chimp Integration

Strategic Solutions for Long-Term Success

Our discovery process led to a custom design that reflects Gina’s style of whimsy and sophistication. The mobile-friendly site also features clearer calls-to-action for book sales and newsletter sign-ups, and supports her marketing efforts with on-demand landing pages. As Gina herself put it, “the site takes my brand and my brand sophistication to a much higher level — not incrementally but exponentially.”

Clear CTAs Improve Sales & Marketing Conversions

Screenshot of Screenshot of the book detail page with Buy Book CTA highlighted

Mobile-friendly Design Reaches a Broader Audience

Screenshot of Images of an Ultimate Reminders blog post in an iMac, iPad and iPhone

Removing Administrative Headaches

Beyond the site redesign, Bright Umbrella also simplified and streamlined Gina’s content management process so she could focus on updating her site, not troubleshooting technical difficulties. We moved her away from a clunky WordPress install to the more stable, secure and flexible Craft CMS. With Craft, Gina can add new content — including custom landing pages for marketing campaigns — whenever she needs. Not only is Craft “much more pleasant to use,” the system is powerful enough to scale with Gina’s future needs.

User-friendly Craft CMS Makes it Easy to Update Content

Screenshot of Collage of screenshots from Ultimate Reminders' Craft CMS control panel

Flexibility for On Demand Marketing

Marketing and community engagement is core to Gina’s business, and quickly responding to new opportunities is core to her success. Which is why we built her Craft CMS so she can easily create on-demand landing pages for email campaigns and promotions!

Customize Newsletter CTAs and Messaging

Screenshot of Collage of two screenshots. The first shows how CTAs are managed in Craft. The second shows how the CTA renders on ultimatereminders.com

Not only does she have complete control of her messaging, she can also customize the contact forms on each landing page, picking and choosing what fields are relevant. All of this on her own, no coding required and in a matter of minutes — saving her time that she can spend on her business, where it matters the most.

Collect Campaign-Specific Information with Custom Forms

Screenshot of Three screenshots. The first is an example of a form on a landing page. The other two show how Gina can customize forms in her Craft CMS

Boosting the Bottom Line

Six months after her site launch, Gina needed an ecommerce solution for her growing catalog of offerings, including digital downloads. As a newcomer to online sales, Gina wanted a basic solution with the ability to scale. The solution: Shopify integrated with Craft. Shopify gives Gina the core ecommerce she needs without a major investment in a fully-custom solution. And because it is integrated with her Craft CMS, she has the foundation to expand to more robust features when the time is right for her business.

Ecommerce with Digital Downloads Provides Another Revenue Stream

Screenshot of Collage of images, one showing Ultimate Reminders' store on an iPad, the other showing the store on an iPhone
Screenshot of Ultimate Reminders' Shopify store on an iPad

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